How it Works

GetDealRX is a FREE prescription drug discount provider and is very easy to use. Simply search for your prescription medication, choose a pharmacy, and show the coupon to your pharmacist! We do not offer prescription or options to buy the prescription drug, what we offer is a great way to save money using coupons at real pharmacies. All information you share with us stays 100% private and safe. More on the process below - 

  • Search Prescription Medication

    The first step is to search for your desired prescription medication. Use the search box at the top of this page (click the magnifying glass at the top if you are on a mobile device) type the medication name, and you will be taken to the coupon page.

  • Compare Prices & Get Coupon

    In order to get the most accurate price, make sure you enter the correct type, dosage and quantity of the medication, and more importantly – enter a location (either address, ZIP code or retrieve it automatically) in order to see which pharmacies near you accept the coupon and offer the lowest price.

    Once you’ve found the drug in GetDealRX search box, you will be presented options for coupons in different pharmacies. These free coupons are 100% usable coupons, no conditions and no questions asked. The option showing at the top of the page, is the cheapest, just click Get Coupon and follow the instructions to get the coupon to your email, phone via text message or by printing it. Coupons for other pharmacies are found at the bottom part of the page. Just scroll down to see them.

  • Show Coupon to Pharmacist

    Lastly, now that you’re all set up with the coupon, show it to the pharmacist. If you’re using a mobile device, you can simply show the screen to your pharmacist. Don't forget to save for future discounts. The existing coupon you have is useable for the future as well. If you need any help, please contact us by going to the help section of the website.

GetDealRX partners with major pharmacies

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Albertsons
  • Kroger