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    Support number: Toll-free 844-522-7653, Monday through Friday 9am-9pm EST.
    Pharmacist Support: 1-844-300-3550
    Email: Info@getdealrx.com


How does it work?

  • We provide discounts for prescription medication. Simply search for your medication on our site, and you will be presented with a coupon. For an accurate price, be sure to enter your location and the correct dosage, quantity and medication form. Then simply select a pharmacy from the list and present your coupon to the pharmacist. For your convenience, you can text, email or print the coupon.


Can I use my coupon more than once?

  • Yes! In fact, you can use it as many times as you like, either for you or for a family members prescription.


Do I need to pay any fees to use this service?

  • No, our coupons and discounts are absolutely free.


Is this considered health insurance?

  • No. We only provide free discounts for prescription medication.


Do I need to be insured?

  • Not at all. However, if you are insured, you can still use our coupons in case it provides a better price than your insurance. Please note that it is not in combination with your insurance plan, but instead.


Can I use the same coupon for other prescriptions?

  • Yes, you can. When presenting the coupon for other prescriptions, your pharmacist should give you our discounted price for that specific drug. For CVS, Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood you will need to use one of their branded coupons on GetDealRX. Any coupon you'll use should cover you for other prescriptions you have.


Who can use GetDealRx?

  • Anyone with a prescription in the US can use our discounts, with no restrictions.


Do I have to use a printed coupon or card?

No. As long as you present your pharmacist with the code provided on your coupon, you are allowed to use it.