About GetDealRx


GetDealRx lets you pay less for prescription medication


Did you know millions of Americans skip their medications in order to save money?


GetDealRx provides free discount coupons for prescription medication. By negotiating better prices with pharmacies around the country, GetDealRx gets you the same medication, for less money. On top of that, the process is simple and easy. Just search for your prescription drug on GetDealRx, and you will be presented with the available prices on pharmacies near you. Once you choose a pharmacy, simply show the coupon (or provide the Coupon identification) to the pharmacist, and you will get your medication for the discounted price.

Our mission is to help you buy your prescription medications for the best possible price, every single time. Whether it is the difference between taking your medicine as the doctor prescribed or not, or if it just helps you save a few bucks - our discounts matter.

Why pay unnecessarily expensive prices for something as basic as medication? Especially with recurrent use of the same medication. Once you add up the discounts for every refill, you can save huge sums of money.


That's not all. GetDealRx requires no personal details nor does it require a membership, in order to get your coupon.